Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Saree Fashion Tips For Women In India

Fashion is an essential part of everyday life for women worldwide. While being stylish has never been an integral part of an Indian woman's life, that trend has been changing fast in the last few years. Nothing shows your style and fashion sense in India better than a saree. Here are some essential fashion tips when it comes to sarees for women in India to look beautiful yet stylish: Consider your body frame before opting for traditional Indian sarees. In case you are slightly plump with some excess fat around the sides then it is best that you avoid sleeveless cuts. Choosing dark colors over lighter shades is a good idea. If you must opt for a lighter shade then choose shades something in a dull or dirty blue shade, over the typical sky blue. Small and vertical line prints tend to give women with a wider frame an overall slimmer look. Indian women with a heavy built should most definitely avoid cotton and kota sarees, and instead go for chiffon and georgette sarees. For those of you who have a medium built, beige and fawn are some of the best colors that you could work with. Given these colors, georgette and satin are good choices for fabric. When looking for blouses it is better to opt for nets, especially since they are very effective for improving the appearance of your body frame. Sleeveless, deep cuts and strapped blouses are some other advised options. Wear shades that look good on your skin tone. Women in India who have a fair complexion should go for different shades of gold and copper. Those with a dusky or wheatish tone can go in for a mixture of shades including white, beige, bronze and gold. Those of you who have a comparatively darker complexion will look really good in golden and copper colors and shades. Self-confidence is essential to carry off everything from sarees to jeans. You could have in your possession the latest style from the best Indian designer, but that in no ways means that it will look good on you. Everything from an all out western attire to a more traditional lehenga can be sported and shown off without a flinch provided you wear it with confidence. Shy or introverted Indian women are better off choosing a saree with a boat-neck or square-necked blouse. If you are the extroverted kinds you should pick up sleeveless, deep-necked, with or without straps